From Overwhelmed with Love to Overwhelmed with Sadness

What do I do when I get overwhelmed? I write.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with love.  I was so happy with how my GoFundMe campaign was going, the donations it was receiving, and the number of people who were sending me personal messages wanting to help (offering discounted hotel rooms, counseling, and even their homes for us to reunite).

Today, I was overwhelmed with sadness.  I read a few comments on articles regarding my campaign from individuals who have different opinions than me.  I had to stop reading.  The pain was too much to bear.  I should have prepared myself better for this. If their goal was to hurt my feelings, they sure were successful.

I get it. Folks have different opinions than me. And that’s OK. In my opinion, they were misinformed and made inaccurate assumptions about my past. But why can’t we agree to disagree in a polite manner? It is necessary to publicly shame me and embarrass me?

Maybe I need thicker skin? Maybe I’m too sensitive? But if I put up walls to protect myself from the sadness, I wouldn’t feel all the love that I felt in the beginning of this campaign.

I’ve thought about quitting multiple times today.  I wish I was strong enough that these comments didn’t bother me. Sorry, folks, I’m not. But maybe that’s what being brave is all about? For me and this campaign, maybe brave is putting my opinion and feelings out there for the public to comment on – whatever their criticisms might be.  Because by being vulnerable, I can help others heal and they can help me.